Jan 1st - The Adventure begins, as the characters gather at a London hotel to attend the Symposium on the Supernatural, led by Professor Julius A. Smith. He invites them to a dinner at his house that Saturday.

Jan 6th – The day of the dinner at the house of Professor Julius A. Smith arrives. That morning they see that the Professor's house has burned down. When they locate him, they are instead tasked with finding and destroying the Sadefkar Simulacrum.

Jan 8th – The group sees an article in the newspaper about the same train set that was missing from the Turk's antique shop. They go to question the Train Spotters Club to try to solve the mystery. 

Jan 16th – After a week of recuperating in hospital from their misadventures at the Train Spotters Club, the group boards the train to leave London and begin their trip on the Orient Express. 

Jan 19th – The group arrives in Paris and begins to investigate the Comte de Fenalik, chasing down a lead at the catacombs.

Jan 27th - Following Alexi and Kitty once again recuperating in hospital from their injuries, the team looks to where they might find more leads. 

Jan 28th & 29th – The group heads to Poissey, to stay at the house of the Loriens family which stands above the old ruins of the Comte de Fenalik's home.

Jan 30th – The group returns to Paris to take stock of what has happened in their absence.

Jan 31st – At a loss of how to solve anything more in Paris, the group boards the Orient Express to resume their journey.

Feb 1st - The group arrives in Lusanne, having adventured through the Dreamlands overnight while traveling aboard the Orient Express.


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Horror on the Orient Express Rouge